And we find

And we find And because it is eternal, it is not it is possible to fill temporary and transient pleasure?

This is a special, a different kind of desire.

And we find him in a huge number of people, among a wide population group, which asks the question about the meaning of life, about how to rise over this life and move on to another level of existence that is not on hodas under the pressure of selfishness.

Let's sum up our conversation.

We talked about depression and the fact that it is a consequence of the growth of man's egoisM. Unlike the rest of nature, human desire grows, develops and leads his condition when he begins to demand more than this world can to give.

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G de it turned

G de it turned The judges, who were asking, would help find out and understand what exactly happened, because at first it was difficult for them skanzen to tryouts.

Gradually in the process they began to emerge from the position I'm offended or I'm angry and to speak about the motives of his behavior.

G de it turned out better or worse, let's see and continue the discussion.

So it begins the stage of confusion.

p of erva girl They call us, hurt, hurt, cheat.

with udiya But tell me what happened.

Why they started to hurt you and beat?

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What in it good? with

What in it good? with with friends to play.

What in it good?

with offense of a vysk Pavlik zatsya.

Receives punishments of people always and even in old age.

So do not envy me, and that the fairy of desires and a pra will hear you vratit in the old man the old captain noticed, leaving.

What in old age there can be punishments?

Would like I to live, as this old man.

Freedom, pension and to remember is that Pavlik thought, putting shoes on.

Suddenly that that pricked him in an eye.

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Here will

Here will Came it is time to marry to it.

He also speaks to the old man with the old woman Look for to me the bride!

Those laughed at first, and then grieved Who for you in marriage will go, the sonny?

Do not grieve, the sontykovka answers.

I and itself will find to myself bride.

Here will see I marry the imperial daughter!

The sontykovka gathered and went to a way to look for the bride.

He went over the different countries, visited many cities.

At last it got to the capital of one kingdom where the rajah governed, which had seven daughters.

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The child

The child Album will work even then when you very much hurry.

Mother and the son at dacha; go for milk, and suddenly the kid exclaims Who is it?

Mother explains to the son It is a goose.

You see, what neck at it, a big beak.

Only at home it is taken out albuM. San himself brings hiM. Mother as is able, draws a goose.

Signs Saw a goose.

It has here such long neck.

The child takes an album, begins to turn over Here grasses water, it is a dog of the Bug, our plumelets.

So every time will repeat.

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